Grammar Resources for Italian at St Joseph's College, Echuca.

What is grammar?
Well apart from it being something that everyone groans at when mentioned, it is actually quite useful in language, even everyday language.
It assists us with the task of communication by guiding what we say so that it makes sense to the people we are communicating with. In other words it stops us from speaking utter gibberish! defines grammar as:
The study of how words and their component parts combine to form sentences.
The system of rules implicit in a language, viewed as a mechanism for generating all sentences possible in that language.

Wikipedia states:
Development of grammars
Main article: Historical linguistics
Grammars evolve through usage and also due to separations of the human population. With the advent of written representations, formal rules about language usage tend to appear also. Formal grammars are codifications of usage that are developed by repeated documentation over time, and by observation as well.

This means that grammar is a naturally occurring structure for humans in our efforts to communicate. Once a language has a written form, which is more permanent, the unconscious rules we've been using are formalised.

Below are links to files explaining and demonstrating different grammar rules and structures.
Use these to learn, refresh and consolidate your knowledge of Italian grammar.


Here are some pdf versions of slideshows about grammar.

Ponte Vecchio a Firenze

Grammar Activities

Grammar Posters

Create some verb posters to help you memorise the different regular and common irregular conjugations. Make them colourful and easy to read from a distance and then put them somewhere where you will see them regularly, like your bedroom, a hallway or in the toilet. This will make studying a breeze!

Consider putting your posters along a timeline to visually represent when they are used.

Eg. <-------~-------------------------O--------------------------|-------------------------?--------------------------->

...........imperfetto..............passato prossimo...............presente.........................futuro........................