YEAR 11 - Unit 3 & 4 Italian

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Preparation for the FINAL EXAM


St Jo's Wiki GRAMMAR section

APP One World Dictionary
This app is FREE and works on every Apple device (on your Mac too). It is a multilingual dictionary and it is precious if you need to revise or check verbs: every Italian verb is given with all the conjugations in the different modes and tenses.
(For the other words, it is better to use the dictionary or WordReference)

APP Line Learner Lite
This app is good to memorize sentences. The problem is that it works only on iPhones and not on Macs. Description: "An app originally created for actors it can be quite useful to help the student practice dialogue and oral interviews at home".

WEBSITE Livemocha
I just discovered this site. It looks great! You can choose your level of language and practice it with different types of interactive exercises. You can both revise and learn new stuff. And the best part is that you can do it .. for free!

APP Flashcard +
Unfortunately it works only on iPhone and iPad. Description: "This is just one of the many flash card app that could be useful to help student during their oral presentation especially in the younger classes." You can use it as an help in memorizing words.

a.k.a. Good books you can use to study … the old way

GRAMMAR and exercises
458 MAN "A junior Italian course - Dimmi una parola" di Olivia Manor
458.1 KOM "Know how to conjugate over 1000 Italian verbs" di Ferruccio Giuseppe e Komadina Orifici
458.2 TOT "Italia - Italiano, An introductory course in Italian" di M. Totaro e P. Marmini
458.24 BAR "Scriviamo, scriviamo - A writing book for Advanced Beginners of Italian" di C. A. Barbantini (good to practice / revise VERBS)

Models of different text types
C.S. 458 SHE "Lettere sigillate" di Derek Aust e Carole Sheperd (modelli di LETTERE)

Readings in Italian
458 RIT "Racconti 5" e "Racconti 8", Collana Pane e Fantasia
458.24 GRA "Dialoghi simpatici" di Carlo Graziano
458 CLA "Assembly Plays Italian" di Margaret Clancy

To learn new words and sentences having fun
458.1 ITA "Italian a' la Cartoon - 101 hilarious cartoons for understanding Italian language and culture" di Albert H. Small

Learn Italian Grammar Rules with Music Videos
Watch the video, google the lyrics, read the lyrics, translate the lyrics, revise grammar rules (in brackets what that video is useful for), memorize examples of the language you can use if you don't remember the exact rule, but above all ... LISTEN AND ENJOY!

Gino Paoli - LA GATTA (verbi all'imperfetto)

Jovanotti - PER TE (articoli, plurali dei sostantivi)

Tiziano Ferro - NON ME LO SO SPIEGARE (verbi all'imperfetto)

Zero Assoluto - PER DIMENTICARE (uso della preposizione "per" + verbo all'infinito, verbi, preposizioni)
Click here for some exercises with the lyrics of "Per dimenticare"

Alex Britti - LA VASCA ("voglio" + infinitive verbs, future tense verbs)
Click here for some exercises with the lyrics of "La vasca"

Moda' feat. Emma - ARRIVERA' (future tense verbs)

Gino Paoli - SAPORE DI SALE (preposizioni)

Paolo Conte - VIENI VIA CON ME (preposizioni)
Click here to revise prepositions through the lyrics of the song

Malika Ayane - LA PRIMA COSA BELLA (verbi all'indicativo presente)
Click here to practice present tense indicative verbs with this song

Cesare Cremonini - DICONO DI ME ("che" relative pronoun as subject and as object)

Negrita - CHE RUMORE FA LA FELICITA'? (present tense verbs - imperative - questions)

Study Expectations

3 study sessions each week of at least 20 minutes.

  • Grammar session: using the Schaum’s Italian Grammar book, students are to revise grammar learnt in class or work on sections of their choice. All the answers are in the back of the book. They could also use part of this session to practice conjugating verbs at __

  • Listening/Reading/Viewing session: students are to spend this session listening to, reading or viewing something in Italian. This could be a podcast from iTunes, something from their DVD collection that they can put with Italian voiceovers, the Italian news, an online journal or newspaper, or they could borrow one of the Italian storybooks or Topolino magazines from the shelves at the back of Rm 69.

  • Writing session: students are to continue the Italian Journal they started over the summer holidays. They may use a journal of any style and are to spend 20 minutes each week writing in this journal. The journal does not have to be in the format of a straight diary. They may choose to stick photos in and write a bit about them, draw pictures and annotate it, write out song lyrics in Italian, do some creative writing, add movie tickets and write a short review, etc. Students are also encouraged to keep a video journal every so often, where they record themselves, using Photobooth or Garageband, talking in Italian about something of interest. This journal is to be regularly sighted by the teacher but not ‘corrected’ and it to be used to explore the Italian language by students.