Unit 1 & 2 Italian

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Tempo Libero - Pastimes



School Life
This is the outcome you will be assessed on in your first SAC.
Your first SAC will be an Informal interview on school life.

Outcome 1
Establish and maintain a spoken or written exchange related to personal areas of experience.
Describes and comments on experiences appropriate to the topic in a highly effective manner. Consistently maintains the conversation or correspondence, using strategies appropriate to the text type specified in the task. Links and sequences ideas clearly and logically. Effectively exchanges and/or responds to ideas and presents relevant factual information. Consistently uses appropriate register for the audience, context and purpose of the task. Uses a broad range of question and answer forms. Achieves a very high level of accuracy in the language (including vocabulary, structures, expressions, script, pronunciation, intonation, stress and tempo as appropriate). Self-corrects, rephrases or amends, if applicable.

Study Expectations
3 study sessions each fortnight of at least 20 minutes.
  • Grammar session: using the Schaum’s Italian Grammar book, students are to revise grammar learnt in class or work on sections of their choice. All the answers are in the back of the book. They could also use part of this session to practice conjugating verbs at __http://www.verbs-online.com/italian-verbs/italian-verbs.htm__
  • Listening/Reading/Viewing session: students are to spend this session listening to, reading or viewing something in Italian. This could be a podcast from iTunes, something from their DVD collection that they can put with Italian voiceovers, the Italian news, an online journal or newspaper, or they could borrow one of the Italian storybooks or Topolino magazines from the shelves at the back of Rm 69.
  • Writing session: students are to start keeping an Italian Journal. They may purchase a journal of any style and are to spend 20 minutes each fortnight writing in this journal. The journal does not have to be in the format of a straight diary. They may choose to stick photos in and write a bit about them, draw pictures and annotate it, write out song lyrics in Italian, do some creative writing, add movie tickets and write a short review, etc. Students are also encouraged to keep a video journal every so often, where they record themselves, using Photobooth or Garageband, talking in Italian about something of interest. This journal is to be regularly sighted by the teacher but not ‘corrected’ and it to be used to explore the Italian language by students.



Giorgio: il mascotte d'italiano per 2011