Year 9 Italian

I ragazzi del anno nove hanno scelto di imparare l'italiano e quindi è un gruppo di studenti appassionati ed entusiasti.
Alle pagine degli studenti ci sono esempi di compiti che hanno fatto.
The students of Year 9 have chosen to learn Italian and therefore it is a group of passionate and enthusiastic students.


Thursday 3/11

Audio for the stories on page 22-23 of your textbook. There are 3 parts to the story here and therefore 3 audios. Listen to all 3 and follow along in your books. Try to work out what each is about in pairs. Write the gist of each piece in 2-4 sentences in English.
Niente a nessuno 1 (p22)

Niente a nessuno 2 (top p23)

Niente a nessuno 3 (bottom p23)

Monday 19/9

Complete the following activity as revision for the grammar test of Thursday.

When you have finished this activity, have a look at the answers in the document below. Don't cheat - have a go yourself first!

Thursday 15/9

This is the main activity we completed in today's class. It is about Agreement of Nouns and Adjectives and is preparation for your grammar test next Thursday.

When you have finished this activity, have a look at the answers in the document below. Don't cheat - have a go yourself first!

Extra: Monday 22/8/11

Today there are 3 tasks that you need to complete.
1: Complete Dictionary Skills Sheet 8

2: Complete the Verb Activity sheet in your book or in the document.

3: Continue to work on I Raccontini - finish your plot and start a detailed plan of the story.

Dictation Text

Questo è il mio mostro.
This is my monster.
Si chiama Stella.
Her name is Stella.
Ha diciassette anni e abita nel mare.
She is 17 and lives in the ocean.
Lei è come un piccolo delfino ma ha pelle azzurra.
She is like a small dolphin but has light blue skin.
Le piace giocare con le sue amiche.
She likes to play with her friends.
Adora cantare e ascoltare la musica.
She loves to sing and listen to music.
Non le piace il carne e mangia solo verdure.
She doesn't like meat and eats only vegetables.
Ha occhi blu.
She has blue eyes.
Anche ha un potere: può creare i arcobaleni bellissimi.
Also she has a power: she can create beautiful rainbows.

I Raccontini

This ongoing assignment will be one of your major assessment pieces for semester 2. We will work on this on and off throughout term 3 and 4.
The ultimate aim is to write your own short story in Italian and publish a digital version of this, which you will then receive along with the stories on everyone in the class.
This booklet has activities we will complete in class in order to inspire your creativity and help you write your own story.

DVD Capitolo 1: Comprehension Questions.
Download the document below and read carefully before reviewing the DVD scene.

Download this document and fill in the blanks in the table and write 2 sentences in Italian.
Create a grammar folder within your Italian folder and save the document to your new grammar folder.

Via dell'amore xoxo

Dictionary Skills Sheet 4

Dictionary Skills Sheet 5


Ascolta 3, Wp8

Thursday 10/3/11

  • Correct Gioca 2 and Comunica 1
  • Complete Dictionary Sheet 5
  • Write new spelling words: words in box at the top of Tp3.
  • Verb exercise: Put the ends on these regular verbs using the table in your grammar book, then checking your answers in your verb book: riparare; lottare; premere; spandere; divertire; convertire.
  • Tp4: Fai e presenta - take mugshots of 3 classmates, then write a suspect profile for each. Warning - These are to be put on the wiki.

Thursday 24/2/11
Assignment sheet for the day that Miss Bates is away. If unfinished this must be completed at home ready to submit next lesson.


esplora! Due podcasts: including vocabulary lists and video for each chapter.
esplora! Due Podcasts

esplora! Website: including the mobile phone game, online activities (passwords for this is hidden in the textbook and workbook) and a wordfinder that will help you translate words and even pronounce them for you!

esplora! Website



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