Il Lavoro

Thursday 1/9

Amici 13.1: Work out what the professions are in the grammatica box.
Then complete Exercise 1, 2a, 4a, b.
Audio for 2a

Friday 2/9

Amici 13.1: Work on the following activities
  • 2b, 3, 6a&b, 5, 7.
Audio for 3

If you finish, continue to practice passato prossimo, imperfetto, presente e even object pronouns!
Try using Verbs Online to practice conjugating a variety of regular and irregular verbs.
You can also use the Passato Prossimo activities on languages online, if you're a little over Schaum's!

Tuesday 6/9

Played La Tua Famiglia board game to practice general conversation skills.
Amici 13.3: Read 1a and complete 1b.
Start work on your own CV. Use Gianni's CV and the template in attività 3 (2). You do not need to complete this yet, we will continue work on it on Friday.

Thursday 8/9

Conditional Tense.
Take notes from Keynote on Conditional Present Tense (as pdf on grammar page of wiki).
Complete Schaum's activities p136 Ex 127, 128 and 129.

Friday 9/9

Read Gianni’s CV in 13.3, Ex 2a. Be careful with second last point on his CV - this is an awkward sentence and you will need to be both systematic and flexible in working out what it means. Look up options for each word then figure out the sentence with some flexible thinking.
Write your own CV using the template in 13.3, Ex 3 with an added Le abilità (Skills) section. Consider your ICT skills in detail for the conoscenze informatiche.

Tuesday 13/9

Unit 2: Amici Workbook pdf above.
  • 13.1, Ex 2,
  • 13.2, Ex 2,

Unit 4: Amici Workbook pdf above.
  • 13.1, Ex 3 (listening),
  • 13.2, Ex 1,
Audio for Amici Workbook 13.1, Ex 3

Thursday 15/9
Unit 2
  • 13.2, Ex 3, 4,
  • 13.3, Ex 1

Unit 4
  • 13.2, Ex 2, 3, 4,
  • 13.3, Ex 1

Friday 16/9
  • Amici 12.2: Ex 1 and 2.
  • Amici Ch 20.1: Ex 2, 3a and b (Complete questions 1-3 and don't forget to use the question to word your answers), 4 (prepare answers for homework - don't do last question. This will be completed as an oral activity in class on Tuesday)

Audio for various activities.
20.1: Ex 1

20.1: Ex 2

20.1: Ex 1

20.1: Ex 2

20.1: Ex 3

Thursday 13/10/11

Unit 2:
First, finish off your CV and have it ready to print off.
Second, Work on your answers to the Interview Questions. These have been translated and are on the Unit 1/2 wiki page.
Third, work with someone else who is up to this point to practice interviewing each other. Don't forget you need to decide what type of retail job you are going for.
Fourth, if you are finished this, or you need a break from practicing for the oral, work on completing the following Amici activities.
  • Amici Workbook 20.1: Ex 1, 2
  • Amici Workbook 20.2: Ex 1a/b, 2, 3, 4

Unit 4:
Continue to work on your responses for the Oral, in particular the Detailed Study and your individual immigrant.
You will each have a one-on-one session with Miss Felicetti. In this you will do 3-4 minutes of general conversation to warm up, and then she will ask you to do your Introduction and then ask you questions based on that. She only has a vague idea of what you have studied, so your intro's will be what she is basing her questions on - just like in the real thing.
Practice with each other, both Detailed Study and General Conversation, and if you need a break from this, work on the Amici activities from Tuesday (listed above under the Unit 2 activities), finish off any activities you haven't done from previous lessons, or try some of the following ones.
    • Amici 13.3: 4a,b, 5.

September Holiday Homework

How to write a summary.