Language Websites.

Here are some links to websites that help with grammar and Italian in general, including game and activity websites.

Languages Online Language website with online games and activities

Free Rice Vocabulary game which donates rice through the World Food Program

Inanimate Alice Interactive story in Italian

BBC Italian BBC Italian website with all sorts of useful things

La Grammatica Italiana Grammar information and exercises

Verbs Online Practice conjugating verbs

Word Reference Online bilingual dictionary (better than a translator!) Italy's TV network website

Oroscopi Horoscopes in Italian

Speak 7 Website to help learn Italian with some useful information about pronunciation and useful expressions

UJAM Website for creating songs, which you can download to your computer. Of course you would be recording songs in Italian!

New to sjeitalian...

Suggested YouTube channels with great cartoons in Italian! These are not unblocked to watch at school.

Great channel with 1078 videos (mostly Disney cartoons) in Italian.

Songs from Disney cartoons in Italian, with Italian and English subtitles.